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JIANGXI YUEAN ADVANCED MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the production development and sales of carbonyl iron powder, atomized alloy powder, metal injection molding feedstock, 3D printing alloy powder. In Nov.2004, it established in Xinshiji Gongyecheng, Dayu county, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Province, covered with more than 80,000 square meters and 20,000 square meters construction area. The company is one of the first bath Jiangxi Province innovation enterprise, Jiangxi Province quality credit AAA level enterprises, Ganzhou city top ten science and technology enterprises between 2009-2010, Jiangxi Province specialization small and medium-size enterprise in 2014. Micro carbonyl iron powder was named Jiangxi Province independent innovation products, the high pressure circulation method to produce carbonyl iron powder technology won the Jiangxi Province science and technology progress award 3rd calss prize. It is the vice chairman member of China Steel Structure Association powder metallurgy branch, nano powder and carbonyl iron powder. And member of European Union powder metallurgy, China 3D printing association. Yuean undertaked and completed a number of national and provincial technology project.

YUEAN owns  numbers of experts, professors, senior engineers and technicians who engaged in carbonyl technology development. 3 of them got special allowance from the State Council. We integrate the carbonyl iron powder production first class experts, give full play to the advantage of talent and enterprise funds, resource, bring a number of senior engineering and technical person, master doctor into it and establish a high efficiency and high-quality products R&D team. It has established longtime and cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology and other research institutes. Yuean technical center is named Jiangxi Province enprise technology center, incluing tusgten center and other related labs.

YUEAN has 5 invention patents and 8 utility model pants, 1 international PCT patent, 3 invention patents are accepted in progress. The independent research and development of high pressure gas circulation of CIP production technology patents, PIC production control technology, superfine powder surface treatment technology and other core technologies are the leading level domestic. YUEAN is the main five national standards draft unit including GB/T 24532 micro carbonyl iron powder, GB/T 29212 national food  safety standards of food additives.

YUEAN’s birth, ending the history of low CIP production,low level state in China. We used a  method that opening foreign capital, introducing technologies, accelerating the development road. The company is the CIP company with the high automation degree, the good quality control means, the  advanced technology and  large sales market in China. Our products including Europe, America, Southeast Asia market,  became the 2nd largest CIP company in the world. Its characteristics of carbonyl production technology created  a new model of the development of China’s CIP, and promotes China CIP production and application technology development.

JIANGXI YUEAN established a full-owned subsidiary of YUELONG GmbH  in Saarland, Germany, developing and servicing  the European market and technology research & development work, now it tranfered to Frankfurt . At the same time, the offices were sut up in Guangzhou, Suzhou promptly and effectively carry out market development and customers' service.


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