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Industry Background
Until now, it is known that the production method of iron powder has the mechanical crushing method, the atomization method, the electrolytic method, the carbonyl thermal decomposition method, and has the industry production technology. However, due to the different application fields and products, the physical and chemical indexes and their processing performance requirements are different, or special technology applications require special requirements. At the same time with the development of modern science and technology development and application in the field of, provide granularity finer, higher purity, better technological properties of iron powder is applied to various fields, because of the limitation of certain technical conditions, it is difficult to achieve the comprehensive technical performance .

Carbonyl thermal decomposition method is a kind way of selective very strong refining high pure metal powder without special technology and technology, since 1925, the German Basf Inc industrial produced pentacarbonyl iron powder, has nearly a hundred years of history. With porous sponge iron as raw material, into the synthesis reactor, carbon monoxide and under the pressure of Mn occurs synthesis reaction, iron pentacarbonyl steam generated by decompression condensation become liquid and unreacted gas separation, to decomposition process of thermal decomposition.

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